Coming out of the Buckden experience it became clear that there were many people in formation in Ireland. We have therefore set up a group here!! The group is in a very organic stage but is so very proactive and is growing in number each meeting. We meet in the Redemptoristine Convent in St Alphonsus Rd in Dublin. There are various congregations and ways of living religious life represented. The group is currently working towards a weekend conference next year in Marianella for all those in formation in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales! It is going to be a huge and very exciting not to mention brave venture. We have a number of surprise key note speakers and many ideas in the pipelines! The event has the warm and generous support of CORI! We are in the process of creating a webpage for the new group- it is under construction but it has been agreed to call it: (formation, information, transformation)

The last meeting took place on Saturday 11th December. The time of prayer which focused on the gift of our senses and the input was given by our own Sr Maureen James.The day was excellent, the content was so very thought provoking and led to much small group sharing and discussion.

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